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About Us

Monkey Bar Music is a Los Angeles based music program that offers classes to children, ages 5 and under. With classes set in outdoor parks, your child can explore music in a fun, playful environment.

Each 30 minute class includes engaging activities, where your child will sing, dance, and play instruments. Our professional teachers incorporate parachute play, story time, and live instrument demonstrations to create a dynamic class for your little one. 


"Monkey Bar Music is so much more than a music class, it is a half hour of pure JOY! Yes, music is at the core of the class, but each class also involves a combination of instruments, stuffed animal puppets, dancing, bubbles and a parachute. This class has really solidified my daughter's love of music, in fact, most nights she sings herself to sleep. It is a very special time that we look forward to every week."

Courtney B.

"My child loves your classes. She always looks forward to attending them every week. She comes home and

sings the songs."

Jane C.

"This has been the best class for little ones to get exposure to music and different instruments. All the instructors are engaging with all ages in the class from the kiddos who can barely sit up to one’s that are able to participate in song and parachute activities. What an amazing program, high recommend to anyone I meet with little ones!"

Irina A.

"Jesse loves music class. He looks forward to Tuesdays every week and singing us the songs!"

Abby S.


Join the hundreds of past and present Monkey Bar Music parents who have enriched their child's lives through the power of music!
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