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Monkey Bar Music is a Los Angeles-based music program, developed by two credentialed music teachers. Sisters Kate and Rebecca Bacich founded Monkey Bar Music in 2021. With years of expertise working with young musicians, they wanted to join their passion for music with a way for families to connect outdoors. 

The program serves students ages 5 and under and gives children a strong foundation for success in future academic and musical endeavors. Our classes foster social emotional development, locomotor and fine motor skills, speech development, pattern recognition, listening skills, and more! With classes set in outdoor parks, your child can explore music in a fun, playful environment.


We hope to make music with you in an upcoming class!

Music Helps the Brain!

About Us

Cognitive Development

Pattern recognition, memory skills, and executive functioning are all enhanced through early childhood music education.

Language Skills

Group music instruction expands students’ vocabulary through learning songs and musical concepts. Students also improve listening skills and learn to follow directions in a class setting, helping future academic success.

Locomotor and Fine Motor Skills

Movement activities boost locomotor development and strengthen body awareness. Playing instruments and performing hand gestures develop fine motor muscles that students use for important skills, such as gripping a pencil.

Social Growth

Group music classes jumpstart healthy relationship building, as students practice sharing and participate in musical activities next to other young musicians.

Musical Development

Early child music education creates a lifelong love of music! Students develop their vocal range, beat keeping, and fine motor skills that prepare them for formal music instruction.

Our Teachers

Kate Bacich


A graduate from UCLA with music education and composition degrees, Kate is a pianist, trombonist, ukulele player, and a prolific film composer. She has served as a music instructor for The Cottage School, the Palo Alto Unified School District, Boys and Girls Club of Carson, Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School, Valor Academy, Music Rhapsody, Big Citizen Hub, and Miller Children’s Hospital. Kate is passionate about cultivating a lifelong love of music in students of all ages.

Rebecca Bacich


Rebecca Bacich graduated from UCLA with both viola performance and music education degrees. Born in Manhattan Beach, California, Rebecca enjoys playing a variety of instruments, including viola, piano, and trombone. As a violist, she has had the opportunity to perform in Walt Disney Concert Hall and is currently a member of the American Youth Symphony. She  teaches elementary school music in Los Alamitos, CA.

Thomas Hollow

Administrator, Teacher

Thomas Hollow received his BA in Vocal Performance from UCLA. His primary goal in life is to inspire others. As a teacher, he wants to instill a lifelong love of music. He has been teaching voice, piano, drums, and acting to all ages for nearly a decade. As an entertainer, he can be seen performing musical theater, jazz, pop, opera, and choral music as well as acting for film/tv. 


Colin Comer


Colin is a graduate Summa Cum Laude of Pacifica Christian High school. He has been able to perform musicals in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland. One of the musicals he co-wrote with a fellow alumni from his school. Colin is a teacher’s assistant in Comba-Tai Martial Arts Academy, an institution he has been a part of for over a decade. With a passion for teaching and performing, Monkey Bar music classes are always a joy to teach. 

Colin 222_edited.jpg

Emily Taylor


Emily Taylor was born and raised in Santa Monica and started her music journey at age eight with local music organizations. Emily has traveled around the world to Japan, Argentina, France and more to teach and learn music. As much as Emily loves playing, to her there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone else learn. She is currently a junior at UCLA studying music education with an emphasis on violin. 


Clarissa Sie


Clarissa began her love for music at the age of 10, learning a variety of musical instruments before discovering a passion for musical theater. She has been working in the theater, television, and film industries for 11 years, and has had the honor of singing at Walt Disney Concert Hall. She has been working with children for 8 years. Clarissa finds nothing more beautiful or fulfilling than connecting with a little one. Her hobbies include rock climbing and embroidery.

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